I am a CrossFitter

CrossFit did something that no other fitness methodology had really really done before it. It created... I am a CrossFitter. They built an identity that people wanted to embody. That they would fight for. That they would talk about on the weekends. Anyone could be a...

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PEDs and Social Media

I don’t care if you take PEDs or have taken PEDs. Doesn’t matter to me. Absolutely no judgement. Your decision and it’s not as bad of a decision as the world wants everyone to believe. BUT, if you have EVER taken anabolics you have lost your ability to talk shit to...

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How To Not Die

As for strength, I really have no idea. Have a stronger handshake than all the other older people.

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Like school, lifting can turn into endless practice and most humans are dying for the bell to ring.

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Thyroid and Iron Status

The addition of iodine to tyrosine residues on the thyroglobulin protein is catalyzed by a heme-containing enzyme called TPO which utilizes H2O2 in the oxidation reaction.

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Because they all died.

My grandfather was a marine. He was drafted when he was 18. His platoon was on the frontline of the Korean War, fire fights back and forth over the 38th parallel. I only know bits and pieces of the horror my grandfather saw, and nothing from his own words.

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Social Isolation – A Big Deal!

These are all quotes from an upcoming presentation revolving around chronic fatigue…It is amazing how deep the rabbit hole goes. “The typical American feels they have no-one to confide in and an average social network of two people. America is the most socially...

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Seek First To Understand

I love science. I love information, but “This fundamental belief about the role of information and knowledge in determining behavior is wrong and unscientific. Giving people information does not make them change.”

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