Nutrition is 80% of your Results is 93.1% Nonsense.

If you are trying to lose a significant amount of weight, Nutrition is probably 100% of your results because running marathons to eat pizzas isn’t a viable long term strategy and trying to exclusively exercise off weight generally doesn’t work too well in the real world.

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Thanksgiving Post

If you decide not to eat something tomorrow. Don’t eat it. No one needs to know. If you decide to workout tomorrow. Get it in and then let it go. Your choices might make people uncomfortable. That’s on them...Not you. BUT, don’t turn time with family and friends into...

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Changing Your Mind Is a Skill

Being able to change or contextually modify your viewpoint on a subject in the face of appropriate counter evidence is a skill that has to be practiced. Most people don’t know when or how to change their minds. Which is understandable because most people try to change...

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If you are reading this…you aren’t Paleo.

If you are reading this…you aren’t Paleo. Humans exist in their current capacity because we have found ways to consistently locate dense calorie sources in nearly every climate. This necessitated us to be increasingly social. We also could not be reliant on any one...

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Weight Loss Unethical Without Exercise

Without exercise, inducing weight loss in the general population will generally result in fat loss and muscle loss, lean body mass loss *could* be as high as 60-80% if subjects are sleep deprived and psychologically stressed. Meta-analyses in overweight and obese...

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“I am a healthy person.”

Many humans have the core value - I am a healthy person. This core value/identity can be powerful as it drives behaviors that are more difficult to build and maintain in our current obesogenic environment, but it can also be a negative depending on the rigidity and...

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The Obesity Epidemic is NOT an Epidemic.

The obesity epidemic is NOT an epidemic. It is an insanely amazing and fascinating evolutionary SOLUTION that has resulted in a new-age conundrum that only new-age cooperative thinking can potentially get us out of. Ask someone in a third world country if they want...

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Subjective Fatigue Is A Placebo Circle Jerk.

Subjective fatigue is such a placebo circle jerk. The illusory etiology of fatigue drives me insane especially as it is currently exploited in the “health” field. Most people want more energy and are perpetually searching for simple answers. But what does want more...

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You Don’t Need “Body Maintenance”

Stretching and foam rolling very likely acutely just make you more pain and stretch tolerant. They don’t do anything. If you like them and they help drive other positive habits…cool, but you probably don’t NEED to do them. If you are just after being fit or looking...

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