Ms. J has Hashimoto’s. She had been training hard and dieting like it was going out of style. She was doing everything right, but nothing was happening. She was tired and mad that she was tired.

Ms. J came to see me at the request of her coach and over the past 30 days we built and tweaked up her meal plan, added in foundational supplements, cleaned up her diet and her digestive system, added in parasympathetic drivers like baths in the evening and heart math at her lunch breaks, and we toned down her exercise regimen.

In 30 days, she lost 8.7 pounds of fat and a ton of inflammation. Her resting heart rate went down 18 points with less training and more walking. Her autonomics are beginning to regulate.


She did this, not me. She put in the work and now she is confident that she has this whole autoimmune thing in the bag. She is more and more educated on her condition and what she has to do. She is a teacher and my hope is that she will teach others about her struggle, as over 50 million people in this country suffer from ailments similar to hers. There will be ups and downs and her battle never stops, but at least now she knows how to fight back.

We will regroup in 60 days and then hopefully check in 6 months after that. My goal is never to tether patients to my services. I want to educate and empower them to heal themselves. They are in control. This is their journey, not mine.

PS I don’t do before and afters. I ain’t about that life and even this level of marketing is hard for me to swallow. But these type of stories need to be told.

Be Well,