Nuts aren’t that good for you. They are one of the most common allergens and I have found people usually eat them at the expense of vegetables and real meals. Nut butters are a calorically dense convenience food. Period.

But they are Paleo! Really would our ancestors have found jars of almond butter in their cabinets every morning? Nuts are also full of anti-nutrients, just like grains and legumes which are demified in the Paleo culture. You can improve this by sprouting them which is likely how our ancestors would have found these items, but still they are not some old age/new age panacea meal replacement.

“Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Scoring (PDCAAS) values suggested almond proteins to be of poor nutritional quality.”

Ahrens et al.

Cough…the PDCAAS is actually about half that of wheat.

But Bro they have healthy fats!?

The omega 6 to omega 3 ratio of Almonds is 1987 to 1

If are searching for reasons to make nuts healthy, ask why?

Is it because you are rushed and reliant on them for quick, easy, calories and want to justify this behavior?

Finally, walnuts have far and away the best fatty acid profile (4:1) but you will not convert most of the omega 3s (linoleic acid) into EPA and DHA, the anti-inflammatory brain feeding omega 3s that really matter. So again this argument goes out the window.

If you eat nuts because you enjoy them – great! Eat them in moderation, as a garnish, not the main event. If you can’t moderate them, don’t eat them. I promise you won’t die and you may just be surprised how good you feel eating more real food that you took the time to prepare.

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