I have got a lot of solid questions about getting to the venue. Awesome!


You should either fly in Friday and then stay in Alajuela. There is a Backpacker’s Hostile I stay at when I do this and it is safe and nice and they have a free shuttle to and from the airport. Just don’t leave your stuff unattended (don’t do this anywhere in San Jose). I can set up an early AM shuttle is enough people do this.

Or the best option is likely to get an early morning flight on Saturday. Usually there a bunch of flights that land between noon to 1pm and then you will have to wait in customs for a bit. But should get to the Jungle before 4 or 5. Sunset is generally around 5 to 6

It is really hard to find transport to Uvita if you land in the evening but enough people do this I can set up a shuttle you will just lose out on that first dinner experience.

Transportation to Uvita

1. Shuttle – I will likely set three or four of these up out of SJO. I will try to keep the cost around $50-80 for BOTH ways.
2. Shared cab via Monkey Ride. Downside it only leaves a few times a day in the high season from the airport. But it is fast and doesn’t make stops. Usually around $55 each way.
3. Sansa Airlines to Quepos (Manuel Antonio). Upside – it’s awesome as you fly over the mountains and get to Quepos in about 30 minutes, which is then about a 45 min drive to Uvita. If enough people do this I can set up a shuttle. Sansa Security is also like 10 minutes and the Sansa office is just right of the SJO main terminal. Downside it costs around $85 each way. This is the cool kid way and we did it our first time coming to Uvita and didn’t regret spending the extra money at all.
4. Bus – leaves multiple times from both Uvita and SJO and is cheap $12-15. Downside it can takes 5+ hours either way. The bus schedule changes but if you want to go with this option I will get the times it departs. I still have to try this one and see how hard it is to navigate. I would not recommend this if you are coming for less than a week as it will eat up a day.

Transportation back to SJO Airport

Whether you leave on April 6th or the 8th – I would recommend an afternoon departure.

There will be shuttles on both of these days to get you where you need to go.