The goal for this program is to add strength, mass, and feel fucking awesome. Fuel accordingly.

How does Autoregulated Progressive Resistance Exercise (APRE) work?

This protocol developed by Bryan Mann is extremely simple and effective. It involves back to back sets to failure and the weight goes up or down depending on how many reps you get for the next set and the next week. You can purchase APRE here.

What are all these acronyms?

Figure it out. It will make you better.

What if I don’t know my tempo row?

Great question, if you work with Coach Davis you will test this  but a solid pace is 170-190 watts

Do I need to the Cs and Ds?

These are aerobic-ish circuits to aid in recovery and get in things to keep you fresh and moving well. So, yes do them!

How long should these workouts take?

All of these workouts have been timed. You should be out of the weight room in less than an hour. I would advise starting a running clock on your first working set. If it takes you longer than 55 min – you were talking/texting too much.

What if I don’t know an exercise?

We have most of our exercises listed on our youtube channel – here. If you don’t know what something is, post below and I will get it uploaded and available to you.

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