The 2018 Functional Medicine Costa Rica Retreat Schedule

Two Weeks of Functional Medicine, Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Movement in the Jungle of Uvita

Functional Medicine Costa Rica is excited to announce the 2018 Retreat Schedule. This year’s retreats will go from March 7th until March 21st. There will be five days of Functional Medicine followed by a three day break, and then five days focused on Nutrition. All of this will culminate in the optional CISSN exam on March 20th. In structured speaker sessions, we will cover topics such as: blood sugar regulation, “adrenal dysfunction”, endocrinology, mitochondrial function, motivational interviewing, micro and macronutrient needs and how to assess them, the most up to date research on supplements for performance and health, as well as many other topics. Yet, more than that, we will lead from the front by living and breathing the fundamentals of nutrition, sleep, movement, and mindfulness together in the Jungle. We will also work to master the art of utilizing this knowledge to create a personalized, cohesive, actionable plan for our clients.

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.”

– Shunryu Suzuki


Functional Medicine Week with Dr. Bryan Walsh and Dr. Ben House

  • March 7th – Afternoon Arrival into SJO through March 13th – Morning Departure from Uvita

Jungle Break

  • March 13th through the 15th

Nutrition Week with Dr. Mike T Nelson and Dr. Ben House

  • March 15th – Afternoon Arrival into SJO through March 21st – Morning Departure from Uvita
  • The Optional CISSN exam will be March 20th (with Dr. House proctoring, this exam you will save 50%). Passing this exam will also allow you to call yourself a certified sports nutritionist.

Check IN is at 3pm on March 7th and March 15th. It is recommended that you get to the venue before dark. As things get closer, there will be shuttle times available from the San Jose airport. The venue is about a 3.5 hour drive from the San Jose airport and 5.5 hours from the Liberia airport.

Check OUT is at 11am on March 13th and 21st. We will have planned activities through the CISSN exam on March 20th.


Flō Retreat Center which sits about three kilometers up the mountains above Uvita, Costa Rica

Flō houses a fully equipped gym with squat racks that stare out into the jungle, a full commercial kitchen, a classroom, as well as accommodations for 20 attendees with expansive views of the Rio Uvita Valley and the Whale’s Tail. Flō sits on 20 acres of pristine rain forest bordered by rivers and six waterfalls on three sides with trails running down to a natural Olympic size pool and a 50 foot waterfall below.

For more information on getting to Uvita click here.


There will be limited attendee spots available for each of these retreats. Accommodations will all be shared rooms (between 2 to 6 people per room). We will live, eat, learn, and train together.

If you want to come as a couple, the entrance fees will be the same for each person, as we only have so much space on site, but please email me before purchasing, as we only have a few private rooms available, and they will not last long.


Each retreat is $1850 and the combined price is $3,450

Also, if you come to both events, you stay and eat for free during the three day break!








Registration Includes:

  • Entry into all speaking sessions.
  • Video recordings of these sessions available for a duration of 1 year after the retreat.
  • Video recordings of selected previous retreat content and the mentorship course on FMCR. Access to this content will allow you to get up to speed for 2018.
  • Lodging
  • Onsite local organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner (there will be a few unstructured dinner where attendees can go out to eat or cook and eat in smaller groups on site or off).
  • Coffee, tea, and meditation each morning.

Registration Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to and from Costa Rica – estimate $400-$700 depending on what airport you fly from.
  • Transportation from SJO to and from Uvita. – estimate $50 dollars each way
  • A personal rental car – you may elect to rent a vehicle but it will not be necessary – if you do make sure it is a 4x4.
  • Snacks – if you are snacker bring your go-tos from the States. Only main meals will be provided.

Application Policy:

In order to attend either of these retreats you must submit an application with the subject line 2018 Costa Rica Retreat Application to [email protected] with the following info:

  • Why you are not a dick and can function well in a group of other health and fitness professionals?
  • What will you add to this experience?
  • Where you have traveled inside and outside the United States?
  • Your CV
  • and your favorite vegetable?
  • Yes, this is a test to see if you can follow directions.

Refund and Exchange Policy:

  • A 50% refund may be issued up to 90 days before the retreat.
  • An exchange to another attendee may be made up to 90 days from the retreat.
  • After 90 days, no exchanges or refunds are possible.




Dr. Bryan Walsh has been studying human physiology and nutrition for over 25 years and has been educating others in health for 20 of those years. When he isn’t teaching, he spends his time pouring over the latest research and synthesizing his findings into practical information for health practitioners to use with their clients. He has lectured to members of the health care industry around the world and consistently receives positive feedback in his seminars and courses. Dr Walsh is best known for his expertise in biochemistry and human physiology and his unparalleled ability to educate on these topics. As such, he has been sought out to consult with multiple companies, academic institutions, and wellness organizations.

Dr. Mike T. Nelson has spent 18 years of his life learning how the human body works, specifically focusing on how to properly condition it to burn fat and become stronger, more flexible, and healthier. He’s has a PhD in Exercise Physiology, a BA in Natural Science, and an MS in Biomechanics. He’s an adjunct professor and a member of the American College of Sports Medicine. He’s been called in to share his techniques with top government agencies. The techniques he’s developed, and the results Mike gets for his clients have been featured in international magazines, in scientific publications, and on websites across the globe.

Dr. Ben House has worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Nutritionist since 2006. House was accepted to medical school without an undergraduate degree, but elected to finish his degree and pursue a career in the health and fitness sector. He is currently lifting and practicing functional medicine after finishing his PhD and a multi-year metabolic health study within the Nutritional Sciences Department at UT-Austin. House has numerous publications in peer reviewed scientific journals such as The International Journal of Obesity, has presented his work at multiple international conferences, and his passion is researching, writing, and teaching. House puts out at least 300-500 pages of short, medium, and long free content per year and now lives in Costa Rica with his wife Steph and their puppies living the principles he asks others to build into their lives.